Actor  & Model

Angela Valente Romeo

Angela Valente Romeo continues to work as  a SAG-AFTRA actor and model. She has played a tango dancer,  police detective,  mob wife and many others in between. She has worked as an editorial model, fashion model, sports model and print model. She continues to make her mark in this field.

Angela has studied with Wendy Girad, Killian McHugh, Andy Harmon, Dan Gaultier, Joseph Pearlman, Patricia Kramer and Bob Corf.

Angela has appeared in commercials  for  Spotlight 29 Casino, Tamarisk Country Club, The Reserve, Trio Restaurant, Cello Restaurant, Desert Cryotherapy and Sunline Transportation. She is featured in Infomercials for  Pilates Power Gym Pro,Two Faced Cosmetics and Lancer Skincare.

Angela’s Tv works include Second Looks (pilot), Mark’s Place (Amazon – principal Gina, producer, writer ), Luck (HBO), Colliding Worlds TV – an art documentary in 30-minute format) (host,  producer), and Golden Gays (Canadian TV) (reality show). Her film work includes Deadly Spa (Hallmark), The Incident,  Palm SwingsSenior Moment, Jack Suffer (principal Jackie Ross) and Desert Dick (scheduled production Spring 2021).

Angela is a principal in AJS Productions. Projects currently is production  include Three Peas in A Pod (producer, writer, director, principal actor Pia) and Always Here (producer, writer, director, principal actor Gardner)

Angela has written for Mark’s Place, Always Here and Three Peas in a Pod. She is  casting director on Accidental Date and Always Here.

Mark’s Place is available on Amazon Prime. Angela has a principal role as Gina Murphy. Watch here at

As host of Colliding Worlds Radio, Colliding Worlds TV(weekly show) and Colliding Worlds Podcast Angela has found an audience of  twitter followers and over a million minutes viewed on her YouTube Channel.

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