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Some say the rules are made by the future but in the LaFleur home, the past controls the future. After all a Mother’s love IS forever.

Always Here is a 30-minute Dark Comedy. Set in the present-day, the series is a mix of the original horror soap opera, Dark Shadows, mixed with a touch of Soap and too much Mommy Dearest.

Always Here straddles the real world, the world of everyday struggles, and the cosmic netherworld that is home to Vandy LaFleur. Cast away into the that world by her own vindictive spell gone awry, Vandy seeks to find a way back to the reality as she continues to disturb the lives of those she left behind. With guile and guilt, Vandy keeps her children tied to her. The bonds of motherhood, no matter how tenuous are strong enough to keep her children locked to her. Will Vandy always be here?

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